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Say About

"I would like to know more... [her] speaking and writing voices are a surprise... I expected someone not so calm and endearing."
- M.P., County Employee

"She keeps my life interesting!"
- H.L., Artist

"I took her to the country club for lunch...all heads turned!"

- T.M., Executive Director

"After seeing me with her, people wanted to know more about ME!"
- E.P., Marketing Executive

"I've never gotten so much attention!"

-L.B., Corporate VP

"Now I understand black people so much better, I want to share the experience with all my friends."
-D.L., Store Manager

"I introduced her to my mother-- family conversations haven't been boring since!"
-M.J., Teacher

"My friends still ask, 'how is that black friend of yours?'"
- A.P., Physician

"I'm delighted to show her off!"
- G.B., University President


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