Conner Times Ten

First in a series of applications made in homage to Bruce Conner, "Conner Times Ten" is an application that creates new images using Bruce Conner's film "Ten Second Film" as its source. Conner's "Ten Second Film", which was made for the 1965 New York Film Festival but never shown during the festival because it was believed to be too "risky", was made from ten film strips each 24 frames long. Using only multiples of 10 and 24 the application "Conner Times Ten" randomly chooses a frame from "Ten Second Film" and new images are made from this frame. These new images are never the same or repeated in the same sequence.

Download application (Macintosh Classic)

Screen shot and movie

Matt Roberts
Matt is a visual artist specializing in video performance and new media applications and is part of the new media collaborative DropBox. He completed his MFA at the University of Illinois at Chicago.