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HDLN 1/26/00 - 5:47:42 PM .....period of expansion in the country's history. Shares of qualcomm dropped more than 24 or about 17%. Qualcomm's fiscal first quarter profits beat expectations. But the company warned that its chip and wireless telephone shipments may decline in the current quarter. Despite today's drop, qualcomm has been one of the nasdaq's top performers. Its stock price has risen more than 1,500% over the past year. >>> eToys dropped a lawsuit against a group in switzerland that had been posting violent images under the internet domain name etoy.Com. The online toy seller operates under etoys .Com. In late november, a los angeles superior court judge issued a preliminary injunction ordering the site to stop using the etoy.Com site. eToys gave no reason for settling the case. For more on today's business news, click on to our website at cnnfn.Com. >>> Next in "headline sports" -- who's got the best volleys today at the australian open. Have you heard about it ? It's new brown sugar & oat total. And you haven't heard the half of it. 100 Percent total nutrition, sure. But you haven't heard about the real brown sugar... Crispy toasted oat flakes. That's the other half. You haven't heard about that ? Oh, you will. 100 Percent taste plus 100 percent total nutrition. It's brand new. Brown sugar & oat total. If you haven't heard about the taste of new brown sugar & oat total... Jerome jurenovich, "cnn headline sports." >>> The dominator was back on the ice. Relax sabres fans, it'll be awhile before dominik hasek returns to action. The world's best goaltender is scheduled to retire at the end of the season. He's been out with a groin injury since just before halloween. >> I don't even remember how it is to play healthy. .....

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