Eye Opener's - Censored Porn 2 (no flesh guaranteed)





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All the 
content on this site are visual fantasies (digitally enhanced drawings), and should 
not be seen as anything else, other than an art that is exploring humanities sensual 
and feral intimacies. Our cultures contain the real power and truth that true 
beauty can give. Oh yes it make's good advertising material to tease our most 
inner desires so multinationals can profit on our entrapment. Love is the key 
to wisdom and suppressive cultures are not keen for us to possess a visceral and 
spiritual, mutual freedom to share with others. It puts us in contact with who 
we all are in a deeper sense and gives us a real chance to regain our lost identities. 
Suppressive cultures rely on our dysfunction, our confusion and fear. Once you 
become real, independent and able to be imaginitive in a way that contradicts 
concensus insecurity, be careful oh beautiful one. That is when it gets dangerous, 
keep your love a secret, to yourself and only to others who deserve it. Like all 
things on this planet, if something is suppressed it goes underground and gets 
distorted, it mutates. These sites are a visual example, deliberately censoring 
pornography so to see what it looks like if the flesh is, literally, taken out 
of the picture. So relax, don't be judgemental, leave all your college trapping's 
outside and enjoy... 
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