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The main thing I got out of your Tokyo vacation pictures is actually already related to the way you've proposed that we do the web site. Without getting too deep, the way a person from one culture subjectively evaluates and filters another culture gives birth to something greater than just the sum of the two cultures involved.

First: Japanese take the west and due to their strange reverence for it, they morph it into something both humorous, and yet somehow profound and sad.

Second: you further watch them watching us, and your pictures turn them into something humorous, but hopeful and worthy of sympathy and maybe even admiration and envy.

Third: I view your pictures and have my own response to your response to their response to the west.

Fourth: you will view your pictures in this site context and have your response to my resonse...

Fifth: once it's all done, someone else, maybe someone you met in Japan, will come to the site, and then what will their response be?

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