game performance/custom hardware

(Eddo Stern, Mark Allen)

During the Tekken Torture Tournament performance, 32 willing participants received bracing but non-lethal electrical shocks in correspondence to the injuries sustained by their onscreen avatars. Players wore shocking arm straps wired through a hardware/software hack of the world’s most popular fighting Playstation game TEKKEN 3.

Official c-level Tekken Tourture Tournament Page - http://www.c-level.org/tekken1.html
TTT release form - http://www.c-level.org/tekken/legal.html

Rotterdam Film Festival, Rotterdam, Netherlands
C-level, Los Angeles, CA
Outfest, Platinum Oasis, Los Angeles, CA
Kent Explora,Tel-Aviv, Israel
Adelaide Film Festival, Adelaide, Australia
The Kitchen, New York, NY
REDCAT, Los Angeles, CA

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