CRUSADE (2002)

Keywords: Tolkien, Christ, Your Empire and Your Desktop

Crusade - a mechanical windmill desktop spins on its axis looping a posse of medieval avengers and a MIDI sample of Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir".

GodsEye is borrowed from the computer gaming term God's eye perspective which positions the player as a God/General/Wizard floating above the world - awarded total control over cities, armies and minions. GodsEyecosists of several computer sculptures that make up a techno-/neo-medieval landscape built around the functional hardware elements of a computer desktop environment: keyboard, mouse, monitor, tower, etc. Formally, it draws from the subcultures of custom computer case modifications, hardware hacking, computer game modification and sampling.

"A Touch of Medieval" (on magic and computer games)

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Exhibition History
FACT, Liverpool, UK

Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Canada
GodsEye, Postmasters Gallery, New York, NY
American Dream, Ronald Feldman Gallery, New York, NY
Marc Foxx Gallery, Los Angeles CA
EXPLORA, Tel Aviv, Israel

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