game performance/software/hardware/costumes etc...
(Eddo Stern, Mark Allen, Jessica Hutchins, Karen Lofgren)

A one night parade of sweat and adrenaline hopes to reclaim performance art in the age of video games, pitting viewer against viewer in brutal virtual cockfighting theater. Audience volunteers suited up in custom-made wireless game controllers with full sized wings and feathered helmets. Combatants stepped into an arena to control their life size game avatars through vigorous flapping and pecking, competing for blood and birdfeed while rapaciously inflicting onscreen bodily harm in a custom made "joustlike" fighting game.

Cockfight Arena Redux @ The Kitchen ,NY,NY 11/03

cockfight arena @ c-level , Los Angeles,CA 5/01

cockfight redux @ c-level , Los Angeles,CA 9/02

C-Level, LA, CA
Silverlake Film Festival, LA, CA
Mixture Gallery, Houston, TX
Adelaide Film Festival, Adelaide, AUSTRALIA
The Kitchen, New York, NY

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