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"Fools Paradise": is a collaborative project by Paul Hertz, a visual artist working with digital intermedia, and Stephen Dembski, a composer, performer, and conductor of new music.


Paul Hertz makes art in both digital and traditional media. He has worked in various positions at Northwestern University. In 2003—04 he was Co-Director of the Center for Art and Technology. As a Visiting Artist in 2001 and 2002, he taught the university’s first course in virtual reality for artists. He also developed and taught a course in Interactive Multimedia from 1999–2003. A grant from Northwestern’s Center for Interdisciplinary Research in the Arts helped him to develop VR performance artworks and software. With the support of the journal Leonardo, Hertz is curating an exhibition of pioneering computer graphics for the Block Museum at Northwestern University, for April 2006. He supports his art habit with a day job designing networked multimedia applications for the Collaboratory Project at Northwestern University, where he is currently working with a terabyte astronomical database in a project funded by the National Science Foundation.

Hertz spent many years in Spain producing paintings, music, and intermedia performance works with traditional media. He earned his MFA degree at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where he began to develop digital intermedia works as a fellow of the Center for Advanced Studies in Art and Technology. His work has been exhibited in various international new media festivals and conferences.

Stephen Dembski has been writing music for public performance for three decades. Recognized by major awards from the NEA, the Howard Foundation, and the American Academy of Arts and Letters, that music has been described by the NYTimes in terms of "the sensuous, ecstatic quality of late Romanticism" even while the London Telegraph detects in it "a pedigree reaching back to Ravel." Lately, he's worked increasingly as a conductor with ensembles of improvising musicians; the Penguin Guide to Jazz on CD called his Sonotropism (Music and Arts) "an exquisite piece of chamber jazz." Recent premieres of his concert music have taken place in New York, Florence, Bologna, Prague, and Madison, where for a long time (following a checkered career of gainful employment) he has managed the graduate composition program at the University of Wisconsin. Dividing his time between Madison and New York, where he works with a variety of musical organizations, he's currently working on an interactive installation of sources of sound and light, and on an opera entitled Crow Soup, with a libretto written for him by the classic surrealist painter, author, and sculptor, Leonora Carrington.



paradise.pdf — a PDF document on the development of Fools Paradise (most of it taken into the HTML documents you are reading).

foolspar.pdf — a PDF document on the perfromance and installation versions of Fools Paradise Ilinked elsewhere in these pages as the Proposal). — portfolio pages for Paul Hertz — portfolio pages for Stephen Dembski — a generative system for intermedia composition — documentation of The Alchemist’s Kitchen, a VR gallery installation using the YgMaxTools