Fools Paradise: Production  

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  Proposal for Performance and Installation (PDF, 108K)  

Paul Hertz is now working on a VR installation version of Fools Paradise, which can be presented in museum or gallery settings. The VR world will be modified to provide better wayfinding architecture for participants. New sites for interactive, multimodal events will be added, too.

The entire song cycle was recorded in the Fall of 2004, at Northwestern University, by sound engineer Mauricio Ardila. The recordings will be used in the installation version, and will be triggered in much the same way that the VR performer triggered live performance; however, the musicians will seem to be present in the VR world, with the instruments surrounding the participant.

In the installation, the songs are played back through a surround sound (5.1) system. The music and other sounds move through space, partially under the control of the VR participant. Other sounds include a "wind" that is created by synthesized vocal formants and digitally processed samples of children at play, associated with the stream of words. Granular synthesis techniques also create an "aura" of fragmentary music around the jewels, hinting at the song that will be released by entering into them.

The proposal describes the exhibition requirements for Fools Paradise. I welcome inquiries about possible performances or exhibition of the installation , which should be ready to show in Spring 2005.