Fools Paradise: VR Design  

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The virtual landscape, which is the performance interface.


Our virtual world is an island in the shape a tongue. Upon it rises a rocky tableland or mesa: an open book whose pages are geological strata. The mesa inclines gradually in the direction of the tip of the tongue. Upon it rest two massive stone figures of a man and a woman, eroded by time. The meadow between the figures is populated by much smaller partial human figures, one for each of the 48 brief songs in the Fools Paradise song cycle. Pathways across the hillside connect the figures into a network whose underlying topology is a source for the musical materials.

Water flows from under the figures and converges into a stream that flows down the mesa and tumbles over the edge to flow to the tip of the island/tongue and into the surrounding sea. The water speaks in a confused murmur that clarifies into music when the participant/performer approaches and activates one of the 48 figures.

In the high end of the mesa a cave opens out onto a bracken slope. From the cave, steps mount to the top of the mesa.