Awkward Moment #2

Awkward Moment #2 is an elaboration of #1 with a change of sex and scenario. In this work we see a young woman squatting over a street drain in a back alley somewhere in Barcelona. A large macadam covered wooden box holds the drain and the pump mechanism, and the black alley is a duratrans(dry transfer on acetate) photograph illuminated by a light box. The situation is immediately clear due to the position of the woman as well as the expression of uncertainty on her face. The woman, in a moment of desperation has sought to find a semi-secluded place in which to relieve herself. There is a blinking button in the front right corner of the base. When activated, the sculpture immediately releases a stream of yellow liquid simulating the woman urinating. The mouth and eyes begin to move suggesting a feeling of insecurity, and a woman's voice beseeches the viewer with questions such as: "Is anybody coming? Can anybody see?" As her eyes dart from left to right the viewer is immediately put into the role of voyeur and confidant.

Work created in collaboration with Frank Plant
Sound Design by Denis Menard
Voice by Jona Borrut
 "ARTEXPO", 05-06-07-08-09 of November 2003. Fira De Barcelona, Barcelona
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 • Size: N/A - Media: Steel, Duratrans, aluminium profiles, amplified speakers, servo motors, water pump, microcontroller, mp3 player - 2003
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