Desaparecen primero las palabras

How can a word appear or disappear? You can open and close a book; you can use a pencil and an eraser; you can use a keyboard or touch a screen. How about if you move your hand in front of an art piece? If you do so, a feast of red letters will glow to form a poem. "Desparecen Primero las Palabras" combines 160 infrared sensors and 160 alphanumeric LED displays to generate an interactive poem:

“Desaparecen primero las palabras-cantándose así mismas en su mejor aspecto dan locura-gri-llos frotando alas-vivo lucha descarnada y llegan-impertinentes cabras-probar mi mano.” 

Poem by Nicole d'Amonville Alegría
Work created by and Miriam Lloréns
Production Assistants: A. González, M. Boughrousi,
M. Marín, R. Scorbiac, B. Peran, M. Mobaseri, L. Rodriguez, R. Ortega, L. Malekzadeh, F. Plant
 Coldcreation Gallery, "Transhallucinogenetic", 02/2005
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 • Size: 324x18x5 - Media: Aluminium, alphanumeric displays, IR sensors - 2005
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