Whispers of Electronic You
Version 1.0

Whispers is a software-based art piece that reads aloud self-referential 
statements from your email archives, like a mirror made of sound and 

Download here

- Windows -
To run the program on a Windows machine, you will need to have Java 
installed (http://java.com). Double click the "runOnWindows.bat" file to 
start the program.

- Mac -
If you are running Mac OS X, just double-click the 
WhispersOfElectronicYou.jar file.

Once the program starts, it will ask for your Sent Mail file. The
location of this file on your machine depends on what OS and Email 
program you are running. Here are some hints:

For Apple Mail on Mac OS X, look in your home directory under
  "Library/Mail/Mailboxes/Sent Mail.mbox"
For Thunderbird on Windows, look in 
  "c:\Program Files\Netscape"
For Thunderbird on Mac OS X, look in your home directory under 
  "Library/Thunderbird/Profiles/default//Mail/Local Folders/Sent"

Other email programs have not yet been tested, but if you have luck,
please let me know. Whispers only works with programs that store mail in 
text format.

NOTE: This program is read-only, so there is no risk of damaging your
emails. It also does NOT transfer any data off of your machine, so you
can be assured of the privacy and security of your information. I have
included a copy of the source code in the download package if you care
to verify its operation and compile your own version.

Ian Wojtowicz