calin man

The Last Man Standing


abstract: Tim Hallwood, spokesman for the Catholic Press Office, declared that, finally, the net will have a patron. cybernauts will be able to invoke the protection of Saint Isidore of Seville, the author of the first database. dissatisfied, the characters of the reVoltaire archive propose unanimously the candidature of Isidore Isou, the Pope of Lettrism. author of movie pictures of variable length, and of exhaustive philosophical treaties, printed in three copies [one for the French Academy, one for his friends, and one for himself]. Isidore of Seville and Isidore Isou are measuring, man to man, their forces, in single-handed combat, in the cyberspace: Netscape Communicator vs. Internet Explorer. in the end there will be only one. [1999]

[The Last Man Standing is a web site story _ part of reVoltaire archive / net.art_kit]