»The Burghers of Calais«, (New York) 1989 by Auguste Rodin.

»The Burghers of Calais«, (Washington) 1943 by Auguste Rodin.

»The Burghers of Calais«, (London) 1911 by Auguste Rodin.

»Trophy (from The Burghers of Calais by Auguste Rodin)«, 2009 by Arild Tveito at Institutt for Degenerert Kunst.


“Gigantic Intervention”, 2004 by Carlos Motta presents a stack of paper. Each sheet of the stack holds a different photograph from top news stories .

»Return of 2pac!«, 2009 by Sebastian Lloyd Rees.

“Radisson/Picasso”, 2002 by Serkan Özkaya.

»La ascensión«, 2005 by Jorge Macchi.

»4xDoublefixed / Classic Aluminium«, 2009 by Sinta Werner.

»Liberty«, 2009 (rented mannequin, dime and chromed steel),

»Corner Sculpture No. 1, Olympic Boulevard and Mansfield Avenue«, 2009 by Kathryn Andrews.

»Shirts with multiple arms«, 2000 by Gonkar Gyatso.

»Made in USA«, 2005 by Merlin Carpenter.

»Plaster Saint«, 2009 by Victor Boullet.

»Kerze.gif«, 2009 by Timur Siqin.

»Full Moonlight«, 2008,

»Étude (Minor Relative)«, 2008,

»From Right to Left (Playing the Farfisa Organ and the Rhodes-Electric Piano)«, 2008 by João Paulo Feliciano.

»Work and Trade«, 2009 by William Lamson.

“Bootleg Piece #2 (Brussels)”, 2006 – free CD’s (with John Prine bootleg concert) and “GEEE! (US Patent number: 7.337.565 B2)”, 2008 by Øystein Aasan.

»The Real Thing – online exhibition«, 27.02. – 22.03. 2009, MU Eindhoven.


»Ads on TV–Beauty-turned-Disaster«, 2002,

»A CHU YUN WORK II«, 2003, Chu Yun.

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