digital studies |
b e i n g  i n  c y b e r s p a c e
                none of this could have happened
The Shamantic Web
by Roy Ascott
                without the advent of World War II
Network Installations, Creative Exhibitionism and Virtual Republishing
by Mark Amerika
                the threat of nuclear holocaust
What is Digital Studies?
by Alex Galloway
                the thinking of Vannevar Bush
Truth is a moving target
by erwin redl
requires shockwave
                the invention of hypertext
by Claire Cann and Richard Allalouf
requires javascript
                the basic organziational tools of the WWW
history of art for airports
by Vuk Cosic
                before and after Mosaic
by Jennifer McCoy, Kevin McCoy and Torsten Burns
                the looming threat of WindowsTV
My Body: a Wunderkammer
by Shelley Jackson
                endless spam repetition spam repetition
Little Movies
by Lev Manovich
requires quicktime
cypherpunk delirium and the hacker ethic
Face Value: Notes on Social Media and Self-Exchange
by Nino Rodriguez
                do-it-yourself aesthetics and memory lapse
by Intima
requires sound card
                transmitting architectures and the next big thing
Virtual Timeline
by Ricardo Dominguez
requires javascript
losing oneself in moving visual thinking
by Tina LaPorta
requires shockwave
                the uncertainty principle and the flight of liquid capital
by Melinda Rackham
requires java and javascript
                the automatic unwriting of history
by Juliet Ann Martin
                an absolute need to do away with the interface
null model
by Jeff Zilm
requires shockwave
                dynamic protocols signifying words in liberty
Fuzzy Dreamz
by Dr. Hugo
                radical subjectivity in object-oriented environments
Why keep talking about art? (LSA37)
by La Société Anonyme
requires javascript
                linguistically engineered readymade behavior
Solve et Coagula
by Knut Mork
requires java
                digicash dreams and the invention of money
Poem by Nari
                multinational languages & paracurrency exchange
participant bios
                the constant "becomingness" of theory's rhizomatic flow
                ontological anarchism in the transdisciplinary mix