This year, Rhizome marks our tenth year of leadership in the new media arts community by celebrating the growth, diversity, and strength of the field. Rhizome was initiated in 1996 as an online platform for the global new media art community. Then, our focus was primarily upon Internet art and, ten years later, we retain this focus and have also grown to support new media art more broadly. Our anniversary festival provides a touchstone moment to celebrate new media art and look forward to further advancements in the field.

A platform for open, collaborative conversation about contemporary issues relevant to the new media art community. Each of these conversational threads was initiated by a 'seed post' author and can be contributed by anyone interested in pursuing the discussion.   Time Shares will present a series of online exhibitions organized by Rhizome and co-presented by the New Museum of Contemporary Art. Each show will present a diverse and international range of contemporary artworks based on the Internet.   Events at cultural institutions around New York City and nationally. This series of performances, book releases, exhibitions, and other events will complement our online programs, offering an opportunity to connect with new media art offline.