+1999 Ars Electronica Festival+
News from the Digital Front:

+ 8.Sep.99 +
The Dilettante at Ars Electronica
Ars Photographica
Tanya Bezreh Takes Pictures
Last Night the DJ Saved My Life
David Hunt on a train ride through Linz's VOEST steel
Like A Bug From Outer Space
Mark Tribe on Landscape One and CAVE

+ 7.Sep.99 +

Welcome to the Terrordome
David Hunt on Sound Drifting
Chess Players Stripped Bare by the Scientists, Even
Marisa Newman on Gunther von Hagens' Anatomy Art
Burning Under the Fingernails
Mark Tribe Talks with Gerfried Stocker

+ 6.Sep.99 +

Insect Bytes
Marisa Newman on Micro Friendship and bugrace99
Rx for Disaster
David Hunt on Eric Paulos' Dispersion
Infamous Diagrams
Eugene Thacker on Bruno Latour

+ 5.Sep.99 +

Flourescent Pleasures
Marisa Newman on The Genesis Project
Lialina = "Yes"
Mark Tribe on Jeremy Rifkin & Olia Lialina
"16 Sessions": the C5 Basement Tapes
David Hunt on Emotions in motion at Ars Electonica

+ 4.Sep.99 +

The Psycho-Organic Configuration That's Called My Body
Mark Tribe Talks With Margarete Jahrmann
Clones R Us
Marisa Newman on Commodity Genetics

+ 3.Sep.99 +

Linz: Infested with Technology
Mark Tribe on openX