by Rafaƫl Rozendaal (2001)

Launch Project

As soon as one launches RGB, the viewer is struck by the vibrant red, green, and blue color animations that flicker on the screen. The rate of the flickering increases at the same time that the size of the red, green, and blue shapes get smaller, in effect, making the image more chaotic, blending the primary colors into a mixture that looses their identity. One of the tenets of the theory of color perception is that solid colors, if seen while animated at a fast enough rate, will appear mixed in the eye. Blue and red make purple. The work is placed last in the exhibition because it begins to ask questions about the relationship between human and machine vision. In the age of electronic color and the internet art, is critical new media art a question of increased stimulation, absorption, or new strategies that thwart the so-called clarity of vision all together?