Organized by Rhizome and co-presented by the New Museum of Contemporary Art
Time Shares is a series of online exhibitions dedicated to exploring the diversity of contemporary art based on the Internet.



Touring Show

Touring Show is an online exhibition of artists' maps and 'virtual tours' of spaces public and private, ranging from the Military Industrial Complex to geographic borders, to the body. The projects mingle investigations of technology's impact on our landscape and the use of technologies to explore and document this terrain. While some of the projects read as interventions, others simply present the information needed to navigate viewers' own subjective tours.

Organized by Marisa Olson



Professional Surfer
organized by Lauren Cornell

Professional Surfer is a group exhibition that considers web browsing (aka 'surfing') as an art form.

It brings together websites run by individuals and collectives who re-publish found digital material next to remixed graphics, video, performance and commentary. Framed as individual artworks, the websites employ appropriation in ways that are reminiscent of Pop, video or conceptual art, yet set apart by a deep immersion in their surrounding digital environment. Presented in blog posts, or across a series of interlinked web pages, their projects transform the anarchic territory of the Internet into an aesthetic that could only be borne out of a territory in which commerce and creativity, amateurs and professionals, as well as divergent cultures and styles are in constant flux and uncomfortable proximity.


Most 13 Beautiful Avatars
Curated by Marisa Olson
Nov. 15 - Dec. 29, 2006 at Second Life's Ars Virtua gallery. Nov. 30 - Dec. 19, 2006 at The Italian Academy, Columbia University (NYC)

13 Most Beautiful Avatars, an exhibition in Second Life's increasingly popular Ars Virtua gallery --a virtual nonprofit arts organization-- captures the most visually dynamic and celebrated "stars" of Second Life. The Matteses have been living in the virtual world, Second Life, for over a year, exploring its terrain and interacting with its peculiar inhabitants. The result of their "video-game flanerie" is this series of portraits.


The Copy and Paste Show
Curated by Hanne Mugaas
On exhibit since September 27, 2006.

The Copy and Paste Show explores the evolution of copy-and-paste culture, where the copying of digital material has become a major technique in the construction of online identity and style. Featured artists include: Seth Price, 808 and artists collaborative, Ida Ekblad and Anders Nordby. Each explores how copy and paste techniques, paired with different digital tools, influence web aesthetics, music production, and relationships on and offline.


organized by Lauren Cornell

The works in Faultines consider the desires, fictions and anxieties embedded in online communities, and also reveal how "real-world" issues, such as commerce and international politics, drive relationship in the virtual sphere just as they do offline.