Rhizome's first youth education program, GROK, introduces high-school age youth to new media art and digital culture. Based in CD-ROM form, GROK presents new media art works by an international roster of artists, all selected from Rhizome's online archive of art, the ArtBase. Encompassing video games, software, moving image and websites, the works present artistic approaches to the digital materials that increasingly influence our lives, culture and identities. GROK's aim is to illuminate the ways artists make use of new technologies, and to encourage youth to become active interpreters and producers in a digital world.

Each work on GROK is accompanied by a syllabus, and in some cases, supplementary materials that contextualize new media terms or history.

GROK is available free with Rhizome Membership: one copy per individual, and more for our organizational subscribers depending on the size of their institution.

Software requirements on back of CD.

GROK was produced, in part, thanks to generous support from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Tin Man Fund, the Milton and Sally Avery Arts Foundation, the Verizon Foundation and Rhizome Members whose support benefits all.

ARTWORKS included:

BCC (Blank Carbon Copy)
by Motomichi Nakamura (2003-05)


Email Erosion
by Ethan Ham (2005)


Fortune Tower
by James Ford (2005)


iTunes Signature Maker
by Jason Freeman (2005)


Last Meal Requested
by Sachiko Hayashi (2003)


Media Portrait of the Liberties
by Valentina Nisi (2005)


Nike Ground
by 0101010100101 (2003)


Panel Junction
by Andy Deck (2005)


Swarm Sketch
by Peter Edmunds (2005)


Time Lapse Homepage
by Paul Slocum (2005)


Triptych: Motion, Stillness, Resistance
by Peter Horvath (2005)


Uninvited Words
by Paivi Hintsanen(2006)