Montage: Unmonumental Online

Digital material is never natural. It is
either generated or repurposed, and
always pre-inscribed with meaning. It settles in sediments, turning the Web
into a veritable billboard land: a frenetic free market in which corporations, private citizens, and fictional conglomerates all wave their own signs. It is a landscape rich with fiction, contradictions, and disjuncture. The new quickly becomes obsolete, and the old is continually revived. Internet-based montage, the assemblage of distinct materials into a new whole, is therefore both an inevitable and perpetual accident and an emerging, illuminating art form....

Montage is the final exhibition in Unmonumental: the Object in the
21st Century at the New Museum
of Contemporary Art.

Launch Project

Superman II point 0 (2007)
C. Coy (a.k.a. Seecoy) likes to employ existing narrative and technological structures in the formation of his work. In this case, the artist essentially recreates the scene in Superman II when the "bad guys" were banished from planet Krypton into a prison dimension contained within a rotating flat plane. The title of Superman II point 0 (2007) is a play on Web 2.0 social Networking sites. For this work, Coy employed a MySpace "photo cube" utility to affect a visual similarity between stills from the film and the moment of banishment. This cinematic excavation extends our understanding of montage to encompass not only a joining of shots in a sequence, but also a merger of tools and ideas.
C. Coy is an artist and member of Nasty Nets Internet Surfing Club. Online, he frequently goes by the handle Seecoy