Life Sharing

Life Sharing is a real-time digital self-portrait. Started in the year 2000 and actively uninterrupted until 2003, Life Sharing is 0100101110101101.ORG's personal computer turned into a real time sharing system. Any visitor has free and unlimited access to all contents: texts, images, software, 01's private mail. One can get lost in this huge data maze. Based on Linux, Life Sharing is a brand new concept of net architecture turning a website into a sheer personal media for complete digital transparency. Permanent infotainment pioneering the peer to peer mass diffusion. Privacy is stupid.

«I'm not entirely sure if you're the most interesting people in the world or the most fucked» — Daniel Vydra, September 1999. 0100101110101101.ORG is a couple of restless European con-artists. They have been chased from Rome to Canada by the Holy See for their fake website,; threatened by the PSINet Europe Network Abuse Team for the diffusion of a supposedly illegal book; pursued (and caught) by Symantec Corporation for being the authors of the computer virus They clashed with the South Korean Ministry of Culture and Tourism for the sabotage of an exhibition, and they challenged and defeated Nike Corporation in a legal battle for a fake advertisement campaign. They invented an inexistent artist, hacked the first art gallery on the Internet, invented Life Sharing and voluntarily submitted themselves to satellite surveillance for an entire year. They have been called media scammers, myth-makers, identity thieves, extremists, as well as Internet stars, info-dandies and geniuses. Their controversial performances have been discussed in The New York Times, El Pais, Britannica, Wired, Berliner Zeitung, Le Monde, Haaretz, Flash Art and in countless other newspapers, magazines, television and radio shows around the world. Their work has been shown at Lentos Museum of Modern Art, Linz; ICC, Tokyo; Postmasters Gallery, New York; Manifesta, Frankfurt; Austrian Cultural Forum, New York; Valencia Biennial; Generali Foundation, Vienna. They received the Jerome Commission from the Walker Art Center and an Honorary Mention from Ars Electronica. They are among the youngest artists to ever participate to the Venice Biennial.