‘WHAT IS THE MARS PATENT AND WHAT DOES IT DO?’ Have you ever dreamed of seeing works of art and theory on Mars? Now you can! The MARS PATENT is the first interplanetarian exhibition space founded by Helene von Oldenburg and Claudia Reiche. You are invited to experience culture on a fascinating and promising new site. Millions of miles away the red planet now lies within your reach – in an entirely new way. Since the early days the MARS PATENT committee has been working hard to find a discriminating place for your desires which allows a new sight on Earth: The MARS PATENT offers its MARS EXHIBITION SITE (MES) to you as a free experimental area and invites every thing which does not fit entirely on Earth but tends towards the MES. A thing? A real thing? Could be your idea, your object, your work, your question, your protest, your project, your desire. Mars – still untouched by human hands – is a dry, cold and poisonous place and often experienced to be of terrific beauty. The Mars Exhibition Site (MES) is located near the equator in the north of a lowland area named Elysium Planitia. MES is a floating area. Its slightly changing form is a strung-out rectangle. Think of an area of approximately 3148 square kilometers offering a wide range of altitudes within a rocky landscape filled with incredibly shaped lava masses - exposed to storms and temperatures varying rapidly between -127 °C and +15 °C. The MARS PATENT is a place for art and theory and sensible to its various concepts. With MARS PATENT's HRM_1.0n (High Reality Machine) we offer cutting edge technologies for installing sculptures, Internet relay chats, kinetic objects, art-and media theories, science fiction literature, telepresence systems, videos, sound installations, manifestos, web-art etc. by teleportation. This machine will become a potent device in your hands to place your things on the MES.


Claudia Reiche / Helene von Oldenburg

Concept, content, design, performance: Claudia Reiche, Helene von Oldenburg. Programming: Alexandra Bialas. Contributors until July 2005: Ellen Nonnenmacher, Marina Grzinic, Dellbrügge & de Moll, Flora Urania Museum für werdende Kunst, Lena Eriksson, Judith Siegmund, i-love-u, Reva Stone, Gisele Bone, Maya Consuelo Sternel, Iana Krachounova, Stephanie Dean, Claudia Raddatz, Eugenia Gortchakova, Anna Pein, Doro Carl, Susan Chales de Beaulieu, Pio Diaz, Katherine Williams, Jamilia Jazylbekova, Saide Sesin, Paula Hasenzucker, Ma-tha-B Dao-in-space, Ursula Palla, Christina Goestl, Alice Bartle, Sandra Hastenteufel, Maria Deslibes, Maria Miranda, Norie Naumark, Out-of-Sync Collective, Valéry Grancher, Krista Beinstein, Phyllis Green,Chiara Passa, Louis Christian, Deb King, Amanda Steggell, Pernilla Platou, Anna Bardi, Ulrike Bergermann, Gisela Weimann, Sarah Smiley, Lowry Burgess, Naomi Nooteboom, Helen Varley Jamieson