s.100kb (*) : an age-old streaming / confronting histories

's.100kb' is a project that was born from the meeting of some nomadic people, somewhere in northern countries, on a neutral playground, where the peace is reigning. ( for the record, that was in Helsinki, at the pixelache festival ( http://www.pixelache.org ).... )

But we were not at peace, receiving bad news from the "cultural clash" front everyday. We were there, then, the work started, confronting the suicidal and violent visions of occidental utilitarian civilisations to the more human-centric southern civilisations, and from that, it seems that, yes, if there is a cultural clash or shock, that's only coming from the permanent will of exploitation of southern countries by greedy companies and governments. also, the governments and companies on the other side are no better.

when you listen to the real people from the other side, and not reports from corrupted journalists, you realize they are maybe more generous than any greedy person born here in our consumption logic.

and, that was not a romantic vision, all the streaming documents from irak ( from streamtime.org ) and documentaries from Bengladesh ( from Naeem ) were there to prove the facts.

starting from this raw material, we started a re-contextualisation of the history, a sensible telling of our history, that took the form of an audio-visual performance, made with Pure Data ( yes, using free software mattered too ).

the main point was to make people feel that the "cultural clash" they see on television everyday is a lie and serves special interests... and that we won't take it anymore. like Steve Ignorant would have said: 'isn't the world already at peace?', but, you have to see the irony too.. we are not naive.

Yves Degoyon / Naeem Mohaiemen / Eleonora Oreggia

Naeem Mohaiemen from disappeared in america ( http://www.disappearedinamerica.org ), Eleonora Oreggia from streamtime and dyne:bolic ( http://www.streamtime.org, http://www.dyne.org ), and Yves Degoyon, a free software dealer and hacktivist ( http://ydegoyon.free.fr, http://www.fadaiat.net ).