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What Satisfied Customers
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"I would like to know more... [her] speaking and writing voices are a surprise... I expected someone not so calm and endearing."
- M.P., County Employee

"She's so articulate and engaging. I always leave with stories to tell."
- M. M., Business Owner

"She keeps my life interesting!"
- H.L., Artist

"I took her to the country club for lunch...all heads turned!"

- T.M., Executive Director

"After seeing me with her, people wanted to know more about ME!"
- E.P., Marketing Executive

"I've never gotten so much attention!"

-L.B., Corporate VP

"Now I understand black people so much better, I want to share the experience with all my friends."
-D.L., Store Manager

"I introduced her to my mother-- family conversations haven't been boring since!"
-M.J., Teacher

"My friends still ask, 'how is that black friend of yours?'"
- A.P., Physician

"I'm delighted to show her off!"
- G.B., University President

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About the Creator

About is a state-of-the-arts service that allows you the chance to promote your connection with a creative, articulate, friendly, attractive, and pleasing African American person. This service comes without the commitment of learning about racism, challenging your own white privilege, or being labeled "radical." In fact, allows you to use your money and status to your advantage! In addition, your dollars go to support the development of African American culture...everyone benefits!

Supporting multiculturalism is an important part of building social clout. These days, it's on everyone's agenda. But how to start? Where do you find the people to diversify your life? What if you don't know any black people? You want to appear up to date, but just don't have the human resources. One public lunch with rent-a-negro and you'll be on your way to being seen as the most cutting edge member of your circle.

"Black people are so angry,
I'm nervous about interactions."

With rent-a-negro, your comfort and enjoyment are valued. When you rent, it is important to detail the experience level of those attending your event. Be clear about conversation parameters. Do you want your guests challenged or just entertained? Are you looking to create waves, or appear in-the-know? We encourage you to examine the impact of black people in your environment and discuss this openly in your rental agreement. What are your expectations and the foreseeable outcomes? Are you ready to take this step?

We bet you are!

We don't claim that integrating your life will be easy, but it can be an adventure. Our services provide you with an experienced and personable individual who can make diversifying your life a pleasure. Just ask our satisfied customers!

Who is this rent-a-negro?

damali ayo has a lifetime of experience in the field. As a child she introduced black perspectives into her school, expertly answering persistent questions about black history, hair, culture, and politics. This work continued throughout her adolescent and adult life and today she continues to be a resource among colleagues, in educational settings, even among friends. Her skills at fielding a standard range of questions and conversations have become so fine-tuned, some have described it as "art." Trained at the best schools (Sidwell Friends School in Washington D.C. and Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island), she displays remarkable comfort in predominantly white settings. She fits right in even as she stands out!

A perfect addition to any event!

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