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What Satisfied Customers
Say About

"I would like to know more... [her] speaking and writing voices are a surprise... I expected someone not so calm and endearing."
- M.P., County Employee

"She's so articulate and engaging. I always leave with stories to tell."
- M. M., Business Owner

"She keeps my life interesting!"
- H.L., Artist

"I took her to the country club for lunch...all heads turned!"

- T.M., Executive Director

"After seeing me with her, people wanted to know more about ME!"
- E.P., Marketing Executive

"I've never gotten so much attention!"

-L.B., Corporate VP

"Now I understand black people so much better, I want to share the experience with all my friends."
-D.L., Store Manager

"I introduced her to my mother-- family conversations haven't been boring since!"
-M.J., Teacher

"My friends still ask, 'how is that black friend of yours?'"
- A.P., Physician

"I'm delighted to show her off!"
- G.B., University President

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rent-a-negro is committed to a mutual exchange between our clients and our service. In order to guarantee the success of your rental, please read our Renter's Guidelines.

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rent-a-negro Renter's Guidelines

rent-a-negro is committed to a mutual exchange between our clients and our service. In order to guarantee the success of your rental, agreement to the following basic guidelines is required.

• One pre-event meeting may be requested by us.
• 50% of payment is required as a deposit upon rental.
• Remainder of payment is due on arrival.
• Services rendered not listed in contract will be charged at the end of an event (Anticipate your guests' needs and behaviors. Are they going to want to touch her hair? Plan ahead by paying in advance for 3-5 hair grabs!).
• Sexual advances, racial slurs or violence of any kind immediately renders contract terminated.
• We reserve the right to assign a white escort to any event.
• Dietary requirements must be met/options offered.
• Breaks will be taken as needed (10 min/hr)
• Travel expenses over 50 miles (from Portland, OR, USA) will be covered by renter.
• Accommodations for events that require overnight stay will be covered by renter. Includes hotel, transportation and meals.
• Payment is non-refundable. Terminated contracts will not be refunded.
• We reserve the right to refuse service at our discretion


Types of Events

Corporate/Business Gathering
"Our office functions are so boring, always the bland people. Just once I'd like to see the look on my colleagues' faces when I show up with a black friend!"

Corporate/Business Meeting
"Sometimes we just need a black perspective on policy, consumer opinion, or just the 'word on the street' but I don't know who to call." and "My company is doing a mandatory diversity training, but we don't have any black people. We need someone to help us feel diverse, if only for one day."

Non-Profit Function NEW!
"We try to diversify while we work on social issues, but we can't do it all!"

Private/Personal Gathering
"Having a black person at my next party would certainly liven things up!" and "If I took a black person to my next social function, I'd have everyone talking!"

"I want to spend some time with a black person. I'm sure it would be good for me, I'm just curious!"

"I want to know more about being black, so do my friends and colleagues. It always seems like I say the wrong things when I meet black people. I just want to learn, help!"

"My friends would think I was so cool if we just happened to run into a black friend of mine when we were shopping or eating lunch at our favorite restaurant!"

Emergency//Short Notice (24 hour window)
"My only black friend just got the flu and my big party is tomorrow!"

"I have an active social calendar. It would be great to know I could have a black person at any number of events, even on short notice!"

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