Date: 2005
Project Type: Website

Launch Project Launch Project

Andy Deck's

Panel Junction


Panel Junction is a graphic novel that was made through shared, online authorship. Many people from across the world contributed to the graphic novel with suggestions, graphics, narrative ideas, layouts, and sketches through online forums and discussions. Panel Junction culminated online and is a printable (PDF) twelve-page graphic novel.


This exercise will encourage students to engage collectively in creative processes. They will consider the interactive forms of collaboration that are made possible by the Internet.


  1. Warm-Up Activity (5 min):

    Educator should lead students in a discussion about graphic novels. First educator should explain that they are stories told through images, and then ask students when they've read books like this. As children, or perhaps in the form of comic books online or off?

  2. Play (10 min):

    The educator should explain the creative process behind Panel Junction. The students should gather around computers and read the completed graphic novel.

  3. Follow-Up Discussion (10 min):

    The educator should lead a discussion about the graphic novel. Suggested questions could include:

    1. What is this story about? Is there a clear narrative? Is it clear who the main characters are?
    2. Is the artist, Andy Deck, the creator of this graphic novel if he based his drawings on contributions from people on the Internet?
    3. Do you think this project is successful?
  4. Activity (25 min):

    In the same small groups as the Warm-Up Exercise, students should collectively create a one-page graphic story about their trip to school, to work or to community/ art center that day.

    On a sheet of 11 x 17 inch paper, students should create a grid of eight boxes. The students should recreate each section, through a basic graphic image, in one of the boxes. They should collaboratively write a narrative that weaves the images together with 1-2 lines of text for each box. One representative from the group should present the graphic story to the class.