Develop Healthy Eating Habits

Set a Good Example

Mother and Child at a picnic table
They learn from watching you. Eat fruits and veggies and your kids will too.

Your child picks up all of your attitudes and behaviors – including your eating habits!

Preschoolers love to copy what their parents do. They are likely to mimic your table manners, your likes and dislikes, your willingness to try new foods, and your physical activities.

Tips for Setting a Good Example

  • Eat together. Eat meals with your child whenever possible. Let your child see you enjoying fruits, vegetables, and whole grains at meals and snacks.
  • Take it with you. Show your child how to make healthy choices when you are on the run. Put oranges, bananas, or other fruits in your bag for quick snacks. Let your child see that you like to munch on vegetables when you're on the go.
  • Share the adventure. Be willing to try new foods, and try new foods together
  • Cook together. Encourage your preschooler to help you prepare meals and snacks. Teach your child to tear lettuce or add veggie toppings to pizza. Cooking together can mean more "mommy (or daddy) and me" time on busy days.
  • Keep things positive. Discourage older children and other family members from making yucky faces or negative comments about unfamiliar foods.
  • Set a good example for physical activity, too. Make play time a family time. Walk, run, and play with your child rather than sitting on the sidelines.

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