5/25/07 5:19 pm

some good captchas


  5/25/07 12:25 pm



Los Gauchos de Acero: Paranoid [YouTube]

Los Gauchos de Acero blog

  5/24/07 9:55 am

The Fools/The Foolz

MIDI problems Björn jumps

This band, The Fools/the Foolz, is really interesting. They went all over the place from 1988-1992 and enter the strange territory of a MIDI garage band. Here are tons of mp3s… almost everything they did?

winter 1990-1991 promo photo

  5/23/07 12:52 pm

  5/21/07 5:35 pm

getting fucked up

deadbeat at dawn
via youtube

  5/21/07 1:26 pm

cats of russian internet


  5/21/07 10:51 am

The post where we share awesome gradients


  5/20/07 10:40 am

smells like teen spirit

i didn’t autoplay so… press play on all three

  5/20/07 12:32 am

Last day of school

  5/19/07 10:08 pm

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