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  • Bug on the scanner, Google Map
    thrip scanned on image of german ccountryside …from pjbaldes
  •   9/29/06 5:00 pm

    MGM’s Charlie Chan google listing

    If you do a google search for Charlie Chan You will see that the google listing for the official MGM site for Charlie Chan says “MGM’s official site, which does little more than advertise some movies on video.”
    Peter says that it is because this site has metadata and the official MGM site does not… Also, Peter noted that we could do this to most any other MGM page!!!

      9/29/06 10:52 am

    A quick surf around the deviantart Pixel archive



      9/24/06 7:53 pm

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  • interface gif mandala
    …from pjbaldes
  • icon_inprogress.gif (GIF Image, 180×180 pixels):

    …from pjbaldes

    LoadingGraphic.gif (GIF Image, 27×28 pixels):

    …from pjbaldes

    googleballs.gif (GIF Image, 215×25 pixels):

    …from pjbaldes

      9/22/06 5:00 pm

    Mystical Gif

    For Blomerth and Holmberg

      9/22/06 9:37 am

    Random midi sound program

    Paste this into a Chipmunk Basic window and type run

    10 a = rnd(128)
    20 b = rnd(256)
    30 c = rnd(100)
    40 d = rnd(10)
    50 sound -2,a,b,c,d*0.1,1
    60 goto 10

    http://www.nicholson.com/rhn/basic/ to download Chipmunk

    Hollaback Hallenbeck, I just wanted to say that… sorry

      9/21/06 6:52 am


    A printer is a machine attached to the computer.

    …found sometime between 1999 and 2001 – hours a day spent looking for Paint pictures. I couldn’t believe there were only about 2 books in the library about Paint.

    Pooling Ideas on Art and Imaging

    This was one of them, Pooling Ideas on Art and Imaging.

    “Art works created with conventional materials reflect the hand of the artist. Artists with physical disabilities such as muscular spasms, weakness, or limitations of mobility impedes efforts to produce works of art. An experimental program uses computers to introduce art curricula into two British schools: (1) Thurlow Park (a school for children of all ages who are physically disabled); and (2) Chatham Park (a school for visually impaired students). Using Deluxe Paint and Fantavision software, students were able to produce outstanding works of art. The art teacher involved in these experiments presents successful lesson ideas and suggested teaching strategies for using computer graphic software in art programs designed for physically and visually impaired students. Color illustrations of student works are provided and discussed in terms of motivating influences, concept development, problems encountered, problem solving procedures, and solutions arrived at by the young artists.”

    “As a teacher of art for almost two decades at a school for children with physical disabilities, the author, David Nicholls describes in this book the computer techniques he has employed. He contends that the student’s artistic creativity was inhibited only by their physical inhibition.”

      9/18/06 8:22 pm

    Tea bag pyramid

    I am glad that I checked you tube before I went to the grocery store to buy several boxes of pyramid tea bags.

      9/16/06 9:00 pm

      9/14/06 12:02 am

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