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  10/31/06 10:12 pm

grinning thing


artist unknown – found on LJ

  10/31/06 9:28 am

Robert Mapplethorpe photograph of Derrick Cross from 1982

Famous Jordan Wings poster from 1990

  10/30/06 11:34 pm


Fake Pikachus

  10/30/06 8:31 pm

Laz Rojas is a genius

A scene from my comedy screenplay “Flakes”, taken from my one-man demo tape in which I portray over 100 characters in scenes from my screenplays. Written, performed, directed, produced, and edited by me.

On YouTube, he has a bunch of clips from this incredible demo tape, and some interesting Los Angeles nature videos. The one man acting thing seems like a gimmick at first, but it starts to bend your mind… His homepage also has some cool Star Trek pixel art, and Wolfenstein 3D scenarios amoung other things (this stuff earns him major Internets credibility..) I really can’t believe how multi-talented this guy is!! It’s so exciting! Check out his cast of characters by clicking “Acting.”


  10/30/06 3:56 pm

Rubik The Amazing Cube

A comic shop in my new hometown of Philadelphia sells a DVD with every episode of this show on it for $15. Should I buy it?

  10/29/06 11:08 pm

the end of the internet

A found gif.

  10/29/06 1:10 pm

Widescreen negative space

When I was living in Richmond, VA I had endless amounts of time to devote to obsessive activities, i.e. cross-stitching. I also had cable TV. I spent a good 4 months channel surfing in search of advertisements and shows shot on widescreen or 16:9 that place product identity in the negative space.

Click for a slide show with more of these stills
Here is a short documentary thing that I made about this trend.

  10/28/06 9:17 pm

Index of /secret

So I found a bunch of secret open directories by searching on Google. It’s pretty funny the array of stuff people are stashing away, and nothing’s too scandalous (well the first one is wierd, but so is its main domain — eep!) Drawings of Sonic the hedgehog, random pictures, porno junk, passwords (?!)… My favorite is this band has some sample MP3′s on their main website, but in their /secret directory they keep the whole album! Man, Google goes wherever it wants.

Also was just searching for any open directories, which I find to be really magical (in their plain-ness).. Here’s a search for open directories with JPGs. To search for other stuff just change the first word in the search box (to “midi” or “dogs” or something.)

Finally, searched for “Untitled Document”, which, with 66,800,000 results, I’d bet is the most popular website title of all time :-)

  10/27/06 12:18 pm

autostart and looping youtube video!

Maybe y’all know about this already but I am stoked….

all you need to do in order to loop or autostart a youtube served video is add this code, no spaces, no quotes, directly after the video url (inside the url quotes)in your embed tag:


por example:

embed src=”http://www.youtube.com/v/X3O7k-MoDew&autoplay=1&loop=1″ type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” wmode=”transparent” width=”425″ height=”350″

add<> where needed…..

palindrome and some other fun quicktime embed tags do not seem to work….
this is a good start though….

  10/25/06 6:26 pm

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