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i know right

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Paul Pfeiffer Content Aware Fill


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This domain name has been seized…


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Pineapple, Orange, Banana

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nasty goodiepal

for ISEA Rurh 2010 at the end of the month, i’ll be participating in a panel entitled “Press Delete – The Politics and Performance of Spamculture”. originally, the musician and performer Goodiepal was going to be a special guest on the panel, using the talks in a feedback loop to spam the conference (or something like that…). i was thrilled because a few years ago i used to always go on his awesome website to get free music and his V/Vm newsletter was smart and hilarious (he discontinued it, sadly).

now i just learned that he might not come because he is under arrest !

the background story is really good (he “stole” a broken piece of musical equipment from the academy of music where he was working, in a sort of guerilla act where he was going to repair and alter the thing and give it back).

this is the clip featuring him and his friends and the now infamous Eventide H8000 :

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visual explanations



hat tip to hypothete

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i never found the source of hell.jpg

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