E.T. I Love You

I first heard “So Near and Yet So Far” about a year and a half ago. My friend Javier put it on a mix tape and it quickly became one of my favorite songs. It is from a kids record by the Starlight Children’s Chorus that was made to cash in on the E.T. craze of the 80′s. I have been looking for an mp3 of this song on the internet for a year with no luck…thankfully Javier stumbled across a copy online and posted it to his del.icio.us so now I can get my fix whenever times get tough. There is more info on the record here.

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  11/29/06 2:41 pm

Renewing Your Vows

not sure

You can get kind of jaded looking at a million crazy pictures on the internet, but every once in a while you find something like this and you get butterflies in your stomach and it’s like the first time you heard about Google Image Search.

(image via Stephen Olson)

  11/29/06 11:46 am

RIP, Dr. G…

  11/28/06 10:13 pm

found logo

  11/28/06 9:59 pm

gnarly spamophone

  11/28/06 7:47 pm


  11/26/06 7:38 pm

my first Pog

let the pog bloggin’ roll ^_^

  11/25/06 5:31 pm

gestures of mute imprisonment

google image search for “caught headlights”
Francesca Woodman photos

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  11/25/06 2:28 am

looking for an old friend

my “cool shirt,” circa 1986…
please help me find her
i want to make an art work with her…

  11/22/06 8:55 pm

digital pogs–collect em, ponder em

Mike’s collection.

These are interesting to think of as a different kind of avatar model. If you look at avatars dredged up by something like the LiveJournal icon-scraper they’re all rectangular. As an artist, working with the circular format makes you think about different content issues–what kind of subject matter lends itself best to this form? (Cameos for portraits, views through viewfinders and portholes, etc.)
Down side: they require more steps to make than rectangles. Also, not every viewing situation respects the GIF’s command to transparencize the area outside the circle–if that doesn’t happen, the effect is blown.
And more: how do you kick people’s asses and get all their pogs with the digital version?

  11/21/06 5:31 pm

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