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  11/30/07 9:11 pm

Jay Boersma

Re-Vision.com – billions of gifs, wallpaper, bgs, digisketches, weird html poems, and archives of net art by Jay Boersma (mostly from the late 90s it looks like).

  11/30/07 9:05 pm


  11/30/07 7:21 pm

Unknown Zone

  11/30/07 2:44 pm


  11/30/07 8:28 am

Freak Phone is BACK

“everything was hopeless…
till this got reposted!”

“This clip is medication without a prescription!”

“Yeah AceMaster, I think there were at least a few versions. I’m 99% sure that the one I saw all the time was “1-900-409-FREAK,” because that’s the way I’ve been singing it all these years. I used to have a VHS tape devoted to it, labeled “FREAK PHONE” on the side with a stern warning never to tape over it. I remember sitting there watching MTV all day just waiting for the commercial to come on so I could record it.

I popped it in the tape a few years ago and it had been taped over. :(”

  11/29/07 2:27 pm

doritos n coke

  11/28/07 9:42 pm


just for fun

  11/28/07 8:06 am


this is an edited version of this gif

  11/27/07 6:39 pm

LOST Title Sequence (from slightly different angle)


Click to play

  11/26/07 5:43 pm

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