andyd11414 (1 hour ago)

such a liar 16 billion?
hes a moron and never talk about the bible that way ass bet ur not a christian u can suk my fukin balls



luneir (2 hours ago)

plus what the hell is with you shorts, why did you roll them up that high? your taste in clothes is utterly horrible. you do not know how to pose. and never talk about the bible that way, it never says that. i bet your not even a real christian. i would be surprised if you got stabbed for wearing those clothes



luneir (2 hours ago)

haha, your stupid. 1. how the hell can you throat suck up your heart? 2. why are you such a bad speaker?3. you sound gay. 4.clothes suck. 5. hey genius, if 8 bill people are born an hour, then how many die an hour? really do you expect that no one dies? 6. so far, there is an estimated 9 billion people on this planet. and last but not least,7. you need to get a life. you look like a geek. your hair sucks also. So heres an idea. why dont you put on a blind fold and go play in traffic.



maydie121 (3 hours ago)

Common body signal as you see i’m not lieing you look away….LIAR



ajhata (5 hours ago)

dude i checked my doctor’s manual, and your right

thank you for the suggestion dax… stay awesome man



hairyass101 (5 hours ago)

dude, hes a fake. he isnt really retarded like he acts. I know his real name is Madison and he plays baseball so yeah, he isnt retarded like he acts like he is.



maydie121 (7 hours ago)

you’re an idiot what the hell is that about coughing your heart out your heart won’t enter the trachea without it going into your stomach your more likely to shit it out put it up your arse and then cough it.



EmoGirlDx (8 hours ago)

yer gay ..
the bible dint say anything about that ..
your just a effing asswhole



saraisflyy (8 hours ago)

2 3 4 6 nice outfits.. cool L.A
sounds like fun what are you doing there?
have fun!



HyperLA (8 hours ago)

hmm..well i’m glad i dont throw up alot…i’m just wonderding..if u throw ur heart up, could u pick it up and hold it??? and will it still be beating?



  7/31/07 11:33 pm

help me

  7/31/07 9:42 pm


  7/31/07 9:52 am

  7/31/07 8:12 am

uh oh

  7/31/07 8:08 am

dragon vs dolphin


  7/30/07 8:31 pm

thx for reminding me u fuckin dolphin

  7/29/07 5:26 pm

  7/29/07 2:50 pm

found obscene tornado diagram


  7/28/07 3:52 pm

Red Dirt of Mars and Alabama



Top: David Clarkson; Below: William Christenberry


  7/26/07 5:57 am

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