starving computer artists market (1992)

  9/28/10 6:41 pm

more visual explanations

  9/28/10 3:43 am

102 Dalmatians

  9/27/10 12:51 pm

Club Computing : Until a pizza hut (Closed Captioning)

[video mp4="http://www.joelholmberg.com/files/untilapizzahut.mp4" ogg="http://www.joelholmberg.com/files/untilapizzahut.ogg" poster="http://www.joelholmberg.com/files/untilapizzahut.png" preload="true" width="608" height="434"]

  9/18/10 3:54 pm

Dancing baby has grown

dancing baby 1996
 dancing guy

btw, the creators of The Original seem to be nuts, they put a watermark on “The original net-file that started it all”.

  9/16/10 5:45 am


  9/13/10 1:52 pm

we will never forget

joel holmberg we will never forget

  9/3/10 6:04 pm