im gonna blow ur mind when i make my point

  10/11/10 11:22 am

nasty goodiepal

for ISEA Rurh 2010 at the end of the month, i’ll be participating in a panel entitled “Press Delete – The Politics and Performance of Spamculture”. originally, the musician and performer Goodiepal was going to be a special guest on the panel, using the talks in a feedback loop to spam the conference (or something like that…). i was thrilled because a few years ago i used to always go on his awesome website to get free music and his V/Vm newsletter was smart and hilarious (he discontinued it, sadly).

now i just learned that he might not come because he is under arrest !

the background story is really good (he “stole” a broken piece of musical equipment from the academy of music where he was working, in a sort of guerilla act where he was going to repair and alter the thing and give it back).

this is the clip featuring him and his friends and the now infamous Eventide H8000 :

  8/10/10 5:14 pm

i never found the source of hell.jpg

  8/6/10 5:04 pm

  10/5/09 3:51 pm

“What you wish you were doing right now”

How To Be a Twitter Mom

By Apryl Duncan, About.com

Smart, sassy moms are burning up the keyboard with Twitter updates on everything from funky smells coming out of the baby’s room to thought-provoking comments on today’s headlines. This microblogging platform is perfect for moms who have about 10 seconds at a time for themselves because of its 140-character typing limit. Discover why Twitter has quickly become an obsession among moms.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: Ongoing

Here’s How:

  1. Set up your Twitter account. Visit Twitter.com and type in the required fields. Click “Create my account.” You’re on your way to becoming a Twitter mom.
  2. Tell moms about yourself. Click “Settings” and type in your “One Line Bio.” This is one of the ways moms decide if they have something in common with you and might find your Twitter updates interesting. Click “Save” at the bottom of the page when you’re finished.
  3. Upload your picture. Moms are more likely to follow you if they can see a real person’s picture instead of the default icon Twitter assigns. Select the “Picture” tab. Click “Browse” and find your image. Click “Save” to see your new picture.
  4. Time for your first tweet! Click “Home” at the top of the Twitter site. You’ll see the words “What are you doing?” and a blank box below. So what are you doing? Tell the world and click “update” to start tweeting.
  5. Follow your first mom. You already have your first mom friend on Twitter. Me. View the @SAHMguide Twitter page to follow me, your About.com Stay-at-Home Moms Guide. Once you see the @SAHMguide Twitter page, click the “Follow” button underneath my picture.
  6. Search for more moms to follow. Visit Twitter’s search feature. Type in relevant search terms to find other moms. “Stay at home moms,” “moms” and “SAHM” are great keywords to get you started. Look through the search results to see which moms make you think and laugh with their tweets.
  7. Find moms through other moms. When you’re viewing a mom’s Twitter page, check out the people she’s following. Moms follow moms on Twitter so looking at who one mom is following is an easy way for you to find moms who interest you. As you start following moms, many will start following you back.
  8. See what moms you’re following have to say. Go to your own Twitter page by clicking on the Twitter logo. You’ll now see the updates of moms you’re following in your timeline.
  9. Jump into the conversation. To reply to what someone is saying, hover your mouse over that mom’s update. You’ll see an arrow appear. Click on the arrow and start typing. Hit “Update” when you’re done. The Twitter mom will see your reply in her timeline even if she’s not following you.
  10. Use a Tweet cheat sheet. When you’re new to Twitter, it can be intimidating to stare at a blank box waiting for you to fill it with 140 characters. Here are some topics you can tweet about until you get the hang of it:
    • Current news as it relates to moms
    • Something your child just said
    • A one-liner on your life as a mom
    • What you wish you were doing right now
    • Your plans for today


  1. Be funny, friendly and informative. Most importantly, get involved. Twitter isn’t just about talking to yourself. You’ll enjoy Twitter more if you connect with other moms.
  2. Don’t fall into a Twitter trap. You can get obsessed that you’re going to miss something if you walk away from the computer. Limit your Twitter time so you’re not spending your day tweeting about your family instead of actually being with them.
  3. Continue to look for moms to follow even after you’re a long-time Twitter user. Moms are continuously joining Twitter so you don’t want to miss their tweets.
  4. Only follow about 20 people until you feel comfortable using Twitter. Following too many people when you’re just getting started can be overwhelming. You’ll have so many updates constantly streaming through your timeline that it’s hard to keep up with them all.
  5. Search the words “Twitter apps” to find applications to enhance your Twitter experience. There are Twitter apps for sharing pictures, updates from your cell phone and your mommy blog’s RSS feed, to name a few.
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discovering google image colors..

  5/25/09 8:28 pm


Many months have been spent in collecting the info included
in the database. Giving it away to UltraNewbies will do
them more damage than good. We all know the importance of
netsurfing to the development of one's personality, and we
urge you give them that opportunity.
sincerely, Yaron Bloom
Uri Hasson
June 1994.

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butt freezin

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french poetry, fuck !

click plz

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