Location of the Best Post Ever

  12/2/07 11:32 am

Jay Boersma

Re-Vision.com – billions of gifs, wallpaper, bgs, digisketches, weird html poems, and archives of net art by Jay Boersma (mostly from the late 90s it looks like).

  11/30/07 9:05 pm

Zord Wearing Everything

  11/25/07 4:03 pm

Trying to draw that one mac screensaver

You should try and draw your screensaver too, whichever one you use.

Kinda hard to draw a screensaver because it is always moving!@@@@!!

  11/7/07 3:25 pm

Simple Objectives

  11/2/07 4:16 pm

“Good News Folks” Newsletter

I am really enjoying Ethan Hayes-Chute’s weekly pdf newsletter “Good News Folks.” Subjects include ASCII art, cooking, making computers, making stuff, little drawings, and living your life. You can subscribe by emailing newsletter@ethanhc.com.

  10/25/07 1:10 pm

Bacon Orb

  10/13/07 6:19 pm

Did you know that Robert Longo directed Johnny Mnemonic?

  10/10/07 2:34 pm

She’s a Model Now?

  10/2/07 12:23 am

Swiss Infinity

  9/28/07 3:42 pm

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