9/19/07 12:24 pm

  9/1/07 9:32 am


53o’s tribute YTMND

  8/26/07 8:07 pm


  8/24/07 9:05 pm

da agency

We is looking fur a few good tomz!!

Agents is required

to dress as gurlz if needed fur assignments

to spy on da gurlz.

We’ze got to purrtect da Boyz Clubz

furom da nosey gurlz, who is always trying to

sneak in to see what we is up to.

Our rights to assembly and purrivacy has to be purrtected!!

Read all about it in da

Caterwaul Chronicle


  8/21/07 10:25 pm

via: webring.org

  8/6/07 11:36 am

via: cactus-mall.com

  8/6/07 11:34 am

thx for reminding me u fuckin dolphin

  7/29/07 5:26 pm


  7/9/07 11:06 am

Straight Outta Chelmsford

The Chelmsford Film Society now has a great new Flickr account. They also make innovative n quality films that are available on Philie T’s YouTube account. (Phil is the master behind the magic). If you don’t know about them, a suggestion is get familiar with the huge selection of work that they are making, because Chelmsford is using the internet – and they’re here to stay.

  6/13/07 8:37 am

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