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  3/8/09 9:33 am

Dr. Jackson

Dr. Jackson

  3/7/09 1:15 pm

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WIZARDISHUNGRY – I really want to hear “Goonies R Good Enough” by Cyndi Lauper

willsimpson – about to start 10 page paper about who framed roger rabbit

dream_froth2 – put on Chariots of Fire for beads to be fused to

willsimpson – completely ridiculous maniacal laughter down the hall

pjbaldes – Banned from laser cutter

petcortright – i;m sick of u all

willsimpson – Dude in line at the pet food store taught his dog to say i love you

willsimpson – passed a difficult captcha (trusted my instincts)

dream_froth2 – cybard

petcortright – just shouted out the window at some japanese kids to shut the fuck up and they ran away

dream_froth2 – gently used coats

WIZARDISHUNGRY – Within shoe thowing distance of Philip Glass

dream_froth2 – future flannel

WIZARDISHUNGRY – i wish i had a slanket right now :(

willsimpson – i don’t know if it’s my brother or his chinchilla making the bizarre noise across the hall (he talks/yells in his sleep)

pupsintrouble – twits of fury

WIZARDISHUNGRY – Hey #symfony people — I fixed my #GitHub mirror of your lame ass SVN repository. (You’re welcome!)

gup – 2 seasons of Curb Your Enthusiasm left in trunk for most of 2008

petcortright – mom says i was talking in my sleep about turtles

dream_froth2 – “The Thinker” rubber stamp

WIZARDISHUNGRY – What is the optimum time to mass text people to guilt them into coming to your show?

artfagcity – Genesis on pandrogeny: it isn’t about the pain of being a man trapped in a woman’s body it’s about the pain of being trapped in any body at all

dream_froth2 – “Guthrie embracing neurodiversity”

dream_froth2 – disposable camera club

gup – broke mop

willsimpson – a girl in my painting class asked if there was a difference between abstraction and surrealism

pjbaldes – Mistaken for bum by bum

petcortright – Saw travis walk out of the door

dream_froth2 – “plucked from obscurity . . . though famous everywhere underground.”

dream_froth2 – heard a dog eat a chip

WIZARDISHUNGRY – web 2.0 site that shall not be named sent marketing email without unsubscribe link; hope you enjoy my spam filter!

gup – driving through beverly hills blasting reggae then realizing that this is not subversive

petcortright – just woek up frmo a sad nap covered in dogs bodies draped over me GET OFF me u fucks its hot dun touch me with your furs

dream_froth2 – saw a man throw a rock at the butt of another man

  3/7/09 8:49 am

Judgement Day

  3/6/09 7:00 am


share choices

  3/5/09 9:03 am

I went to the Armory Show and all I got was an idea for this lousy shirt.

  3/4/09 6:01 pm

iframe echo

  3/3/09 10:55 am

Big Ball

Big Ball

  3/3/09 9:04 am


simpsons pie chart

  3/2/09 9:09 pm

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