more early ’90s amiga style

“Within the Ether” [55 .MB .mov]

Music and video: X-eleven, Dallas


  5/29/07 4:49 pm


man. i’m so in love with amiga vidz. im pretty sure most of the psychedellic color changey stuff on this video was done with deluxe paint. there was a copy on the family computer back when I was very young. Deluxe paint was the first paint program I remember using. anyways… i remember a color gradient animation option on deluxe paint that made things look just like parts of that video. ive been lurking to buy a few amigas in the last few months. i’d like to find an amiga 2000 with a working video toaster board. Live video mixing and effects! unfortunately the original video toaster boards used a lead battery, which often leaked and ruined the board if not replaced so it is hard to find an original one in good shape. there are a bunch of amiga 500′s floating around and they had some cool add-on video gadgets too.

here is some amiga 500 porn. ((caution 15 mins!))

- jmb — 5/29/07 @ 8:29 pm

“Master your finances…” (8 Bit Construction Set joke)
Lots of spheres on checkerboards there…
X-eleven used the Music X program for the sequencing on those tracks I posted.
I do like some of those 3-D paint effects.
The system seems like it has a lot of integrity compared to current computers that are loaded up with bullshit and trick you into doing things you don’t want.
But man, that promo is long! Did YouTube make a geek exception to the 10 minute limit?

- tom moody — 5/29/07 @ 9:16 pm

any goal and aspect of my life???

- Travis — 5/29/07 @ 10:03 pm

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