This website is in memory of Chuck Poynter. He was a great man and we will always miss him.

I apologize for this site being down for so long. We lost the hard drive that was hosting this site (along with my sites). I’ve had to take the server that I was setting up for my Dad, and use the data that is there. I hope that this is up to date. He told me he had everything uploaded, and was ready to go live.

My father, who built this site, passed away a couple years ago. After that, we lost the hard drive on the server. I’ve finally been able to hook up his server to the internet, and transfer his website to my server.

Chuck Jr.

This site has a great collection of animated gifs both homemade and collected. What a great legacy to leave behind.


  3/26/07 11:51 pm


this is so sweet. i am building a tribute to my mom of star trek wav files…..

i really love the gifs that evoke cinematic fades. is anyone else sitting on any good ones?

- marisa — 3/27/07 @ 12:01 pm

i would just like to say that you are doing a great job at surfing the internet and this site is one of many key pieces of evidence that tells me you will continue doing so in the years to come. keep up the good work and god bless you.

- cab — 3/27/07 @ 12:46 pm

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