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  10/23/06 11:32 pm


It could be nastier! I think that the text should be massive. That is really hot right now. I have seen alot of “ghost ride the whip” tshirts that are like black with huge white text that takes up the whole shirt.

- joel — 10/24/06 @ 12:13 am

i want a ghost ride the whip t-shirt.

- jmb — 10/24/06 @ 12:16 am

If I see a ghost ride the whip shirt in the store I will def get you one.

- joel — 10/24/06 @ 12:56 am

- pupsintrouble — 10/24/06 @ 2:27 am

Great research skills maan. Not only did you find the ghost ride the whip t-shirt but you have also identified a historical trend. Do you think that shirt I made was tight?

- joel — 10/24/06 @ 10:00 am

i’d buy one.

- jmb — 10/24/06 @ 2:40 pm

Your mom’s on my del.icio.us
maybe not.

- brnt — 10/25/06 @ 8:57 pm

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