Who is busting the adbusters?

Who is jamming the Culture Jammers? Culture Jammer Jammers?

  12/18/07 11:53 pm


Maybe the Vietkong?

- drx — 12/19/07 @ 12:06 am

thats funny. I worked on an animation for BND this year. Sent it to adbusters months in advance. They didn’t respond at all… I found someone else on youtube who did the same thing and had the same response 0
they’s about ripe for bustin in my book

- a bill — 12/19/07 @ 5:01 am

void Jam( void* jammer )
if( jammer )
Jam( jammer );

- John McClane — 12/19/07 @ 11:01 am

What a coinkydink, our new album The Discoghosts will have a song called “Ghostbusters-busters” on it

- Tracky B — 12/21/07 @ 3:29 am

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