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BOSTON (Reuters) – Many Americans will be wagering on this week’s baseball World Series. For Taco Bell, the stakes are a free taco for everyone in the United States.

The fast-food chain on Monday unveiled a promotion it is calling “Steal a Base, Steal a Taco,” which will run through the best-of-seven matchup.

“Millions and millions of people will be watching the Series and hopefully tuning in to see when they are going to get their taco,” said Taco Bell spokesman Rob Poetsch.

There has been at least one stolen base in every World Series matchup since 1990. When the first base is stolen, the unit of Yum Brands Inc, will announce a Tuesday afternoon when consumers will be able to walk into the chain’s participating 5,800 outlets and ask for a free taco. Anyone who walks into a participating outlet during the give-away period would be eligible for a free taco.

Despite the promotion’s name, stealing the taco will not be required.


k who wants to be involved in this lol

  10/22/07 10:42 pm


guthrie i kno u do :D

- petra — 10/22/07 @ 10:58 pm

yo i’m down.

- borna — 10/23/07 @ 5:40 am

wtf??? can someone txt me immediately when this happens?

- guthrie — 10/23/07 @ 1:16 pm

- seecoy — 10/23/07 @ 8:11 pm

guthrie i’ll txt u ps fuuuuuuuuucccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk veganz

- petra — 10/23/07 @ 11:38 pm

hey i’ve got taco with lemon

- cpb — 10/24/07 @ 6:04 am

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