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Here is what our customers are saying:

“It works in snow as well as it does in sunshine. Deer Scram works.”

– Earl of White Lake, PA

“I purchased your product at the Southeastern Flower Show, and this is the first year that my hostas have not been chewed to the ground! In fact, not a leaf has been touched, while most of my next-door neighbor’s tulips were eaten. … I want to re-order another 25-pound pail.

– Barbara of Peachtree City, GA

“My tulips were eaten before they bloomed. This year, with Deer Scram, I have flowers!”

– Jim of Endicott, NY

“I’m completely pleased with Deer Scram. Not only has it worked for me, but I have received tremendous positive response from my customers, who are not only pleased with how their first container worked, but have come back for more – in many cases for larger size containers.”

— Elaine of Canadensis, PA

“Deer had a highway to my apple trees, I put down Deer Scram and the highway is now closed!”

– Larry of Whitney Point, NY

“I have had grand success with keeping the deer out of my wife’s flower/shrub beds. Her beds were repeatedly getting wiped out by the deer in our area. The problem is gone, now that we have spread Deer Scram. A
truly remarkable product.”

– Chris of Mayetta, New Jersey

“I’ve always had trouble with deer eating my hostas, I tried Deer Scram and the deer have not come close.”

– Gina of Vestal, NY

“It was obvious from the first treatment of Deer Scram that it, indeed, worked. I found deer hoof prints all around my front yard but NO indication that any of my shrubs and plants have been harmed. … I’ll continue to use Deer Scram simply because it works!”

– Pamela of Savannah, GA

“The deer were a constant nuisance. Now I can enjoy my flowers again. Thanks Deer Scram!”

– Michelle of Johnson City, NY

“Three years ago, searching for help in a local plant nursery, I came upon Deer Scram. … At last I had found a genuine deterrent to my new and unforgiving enemy. I anticipate that it will bring solace to many who weep over precious plantings destroyed. … I’d give you a medal if it were in my power!”

– Mervyn Susser, MD

“It works better than sprays I’ve tried, and it’s easier to use. My shrubs were safe all winter, and this is the first year I’ve been able to protect my hostas.”

-– Rita of Binghamton, NY

“You’ve got me sold on Deer Scram. We use all parts of our yard and every bit of space is enjoyed. … No smell, taste or other effects spoiled the outside pleasure for us. I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!!!”

— Jane Nugent of Pittsburg, PA
(host of Jane Nugent’s Garden Talk on WPTT 1360 AM)

“I’ve tried 40 products. This is the only one that works!”

– State Park Ranger, GA

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