Los Angeles Nasties!!

Tomorrow (Saturday) at 8PM… Nasty Nets hits up L.A. at Telic Arts Exchange… Are we really “dorkier than DorkBot”?? (zomg, free beer!..)

  3/23/07 8:16 pm

  3/22/07 8:55 am

famly man, work to much , talker,listner,jokes around ,sad,happy, bord, luvs 4×4 chev,and to sum it up all around friend,

this is still the best livejournal of all time

“oh well ,,,,,,,but is there anybody out there ???????


  3/21/07 2:13 pm

touch this

  3/19/07 4:51 pm

Smell of money

please follow this link and agree that its a shame that such pages did not become a standard for academic web publications. Instead we are left with pdfs and other surrogates of mental activity.

  3/19/07 2:09 pm


surprising google results

(( cf ))

  3/17/07 10:16 pm

BEEF revisited

A Peterson Automotive Museum billboard implicitly references Biggie’s murder.

  3/17/07 7:08 pm

Dallas Nasty Nets Meeting Tuesday

There will be a meeting of Dallas Nasty Nets members on Tuesday. Since I am the only one it will probably involve me surfing Youtube for a while, then weeping quietly until I fall asleep.

  3/16/07 8:53 pm

netacronyms – part 1

The other night, those Nasty Netters living in New York, one southern visitor, and one Supercentral spy got together for dinner and drinks. In the midst of all the fun, I started a poll. (Oh yeah, this little leprechaun stopped by, at the end…) Anyway, below are the results.

P.S. I really don’t recall how this piece of paper got so dirty………

P.P.S. There will be a Part 2 to this post. Start holding your breath now!

  3/15/07 3:31 pm

programming language hierarchy

programming language hierarchy (pdf) (via jB)
that’s me at the bottom of the chart

  3/15/07 10:38 am

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