sample of notes made by people when delish’ing google

// It’s very interesting // Find for what you want // my favorite search engine // Google search engine is the best in the world. #break# Google is the most searched engine in the world. #break# Google is ranked the number one search engine in the world. // Google, eh? // im serious, this is like international // gooooooooooooooogle! // I like this search engine because it has a lot of materials that I can use for my class // Boys like girls – The great escape // also http://google.com is the other man/woman // always go here when you need to find something important….note to self…go here! // very popular search engine // it’s a search engine // I like searching here. // hehehehehehehehe // it know all that i need. // This is my note for this URL. // NO notes, just best wishes to programmers, who made this // is no bad huH? // Good // Surf the web! // Extended Mix // this is fun because u can look up fun stuff!!!! // A pretty OK search engine // knowledge. // No real point in this being here xcept for just plain respect to the Oracles grand powers! // online sytem that allows your to browse the net for pondering information, people, pictures, songs, ect. // For those of you who don’t know…this search engine is pretty nifty. // Anyone heard of this? Seems like an ok search engine. // It’s a search engine; I’m hoping it’ll catch on. // My favorite search result. It will give you the best results, as long as you make detailed searches. // For 9/10/07 use this website to learn about outer space. When you finish reading, go to your journal and write 2 sentences. First tell the most surprising thing you learned about your planet. Then tell me what would have to change on your planet for pe // Google Google Google! haha look it up. // i put the google bookmark because googleget 200 millions searchs a day so a lot of people must use it and the rest is history // search engine…vroom! // The only search engine that has become a verb in my vocabulary. Google it! // search Google.com for more // The 2nd best website for everything // NOT VETTED, SHOULD NOT BE USED AS A PRIMARY SOURCE. // The Maddest Search Engine Eva // I’m obsessed with its logo // Just Google it! // used for problem solving // Used for searches. The topic I will be searching is immigrants in the US // EVERYTHIG! // I’m crazy about Google,I can’t help it if I have TOO much spare time // gem of the net – 4555556669705367 // Throughout an infinite thought, is found a requiem within ones own maze of reality. // Hi everyone! Check out this awesome new website I just found. You type in stuff and it finds links that you can then click. Funny name, too! (Actually, I can’t believe people are bookmarking this.) // I <3 this site... i would marry it if i could // Good for finding hot naked guys :D // Used by almost everyone // The best thing ever. Period. // It the best search engine I have never see. // THE MOST USED SITE. I USE THIS FOR EVERYTHING Its a intricate part of my life. // This is for the searching. // Show me a human who doesn't google. // I really have no need to bookmark this, but I did anyway. // Search for the 21st century. // Students, please stop using AskJeeves and start using Google search with the advanced features. // Ubiqitious and useful, almost a force of nature, yet far short of Divine // A google is 10^100, that is the digit '1' followed by 100 zeros. The term was coined in 1920 by nine-year-old Milton Sirotta, nephew of American mathematician Edward Kasner. I heard there is a search engine with a similiar name too. // hi guys. hi kaelee :) // This is the first! I want to test del.icio.us! // Google. It can cure cancer. ALL forms of it. // The most useful resource ever created in the history of time. // I just found this great site yesterday! // Just wanted to see what happened if I tagged the world's biggest search engine // yahoo sucks // Google and I have love/hate relationship // google... i like it because it is a small page and doesn't take long to load. it's my start page because of that and i can either search or use my bookmarks from there. // I am here // If you need to ask, you need help... // to talk to a friend by emailing them // feel lucky? ;-) // GOOGLE IS THE BOMB. EVERYTHING ABOUT GOOGLE IS AESTHETICALLY APPEALING, QUICK, FAST, GOOD AND STUFF. // All sites you find from here MUST be approved first - use as a last resort. // just trying to help google's page rank on the term "google" // not as good as it used to be, not as usefull as delicious

  12/28/07 9:33 am

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if you just look at the tags, it’s pretty prosaic: http://cloudalicio.us/tagcloud.php?url=http://www.google.com/

- britta — 12/28/07 @ 11:54 pm

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